The Grab

Zeus glared at the phone in his hand. He tried not to read too much into the text. “Delayed. Stand by.” Delayed why? How long? This was his reward for working with someone new.

While he waited, he checked his gear. Mask, gloves, duct tape, blindfold. Gag. Gift box. The trunk of the car was well padded, both for comfort and for sound dampening. There would be no kicking out of rear lights. No pounding on the lid until someone heard. This job had to go smooth or there would be no payment. That much had been made clear.

He pulled up the picture of their prey. She was pretty enough. Mid-30s, with rich brown hair and bright blue eyes. None of this was her fault. She was just unfortunate enough to marry a man who had enemies. Zeus reached down and patted his black cargo pants. It would be a shame to forget his cutters. He was under orders to send the husband her pinky finger within an hour of the grab. To show they were serious. The ransom note was someone else’s responsibility.

His phone vibrated. It was Hades. “Go go go.”

Zeus snapped the phone off and whistled. Even keeping his tone low, the sound echoed through the parking garage. Ares, two rows over, looked up and nodded. He moved like ink through the cars until he was just outside the elevators. The old mechanism ground to a halt and a half-hearted ‘ding’ rang out as the doors groaned open.

Zeus watched her step out, distracted as she dug through a ridiculously large hand bag. He shook his head. People never paid enough attention to their surroundings. Half the crimes committed could be avoided simply by a better awareness. Not this one, of course. This one was well planned.

Ares slipped up behind her and clamped a cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggled briefly, kicking and reaching back to slap at him. It didn’t last long. Within seconds, he was jogging toward Zeus, the prize bouncing on his shoulder, ridiculous hand bag and all. Zeus helped slide her into the trunk, then set about securing her. The goal was to keep her asleep until they got to the safe house. He wasn’t taking any chances on that going wrong.

Just before he closed the lid, they stared down at her. She was breathing deep and easy. She tried to twist and whimpered a little as the movement put pressure on her bound arms. But she didn’t wake and that was all Zeus cared about.

“She’s cute. Has that fresh, innocent vibe.” Ares almost sounded regretful.

“Yup. Shame she chose the wrong husband. He’d give up money for her, but what Hades is asking for? Naw. This isn’t going to end well.”

He slammed the lid and yanked off his mask as he climbed into the driver’s seat.

“Damn shame.”